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About Us

Welcome to JC Earning Center in Charlotte, NC

Greetings to you! Thanks for your interest in our marvelous child care facility.  We first opened our doors in 2010. My name is Mrs. Pam and I am the owner of Jack's Corner Early Learning Center. The business name was uniquely created after my four children by using the first initial of each one of their names.


I began my journey in the child care industry in 2008. I have attended college for ECE (Early Childhood Education), received numerous trainings and have assisted children with special needs. I really enjoy working with children and that is why I decided to start my own child care business. 


I've encountered 20+ years of experience which includes extensive knowledge gained from educational institutes, hands on experience working in child care and raising my own four children. I authentically believe children are a gift from God.


The staff of JC Early Learning Center is dedicated to providing top quality care for each child in our facility. Our staff is highly trained in CPR, First Aid and receives training on a regular basis annually. The staff helps maintain a loving and safe atmosphere. The children can depend upon their nurturing assistance. 


I'm grateful to share my life and compassion with the families that will walk through the doors of JC Early Learning Center. We can't wait to meet your child and you!

Upcoming Events:
April 2018

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JCELC is growing. Please visit our donation page and give us a helping hand!

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