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Greetings everyone and thank you for visiting our website. JC Early Learning Center is asking for your support in being a part of something special.


We are growing and as such our facility needs to expand in order to accommodate the numerous infants, preschoolers and school aged children that are excited and waiting to attend this center.

With your generous donations we will be able to reach our goal and help more children continue to receive superb child care at an affordable rate.

Our mission at Jack's Corner is to provide authentic love plus quality care for children in the community and surrounding area.

With your assistance, children will receive an awesome experience, a truly welcoming environment as well as awesome learning experiences through text, technology, hands on and field trips. 

We are standing firm on reaching every child and making a difference in their life. So please take the time to read the testimonies and allow yourself to give generously so our goals may be accomplished!

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