About Our Toddlers

Our primary focus for toddlers is to motivate each child. We provide group leaning as well as individualized one on one sessions. All children should be recognized for their own strengths and capabilities during these developmental stages.

The classroom environment displays learning possibilities that's easily absorbed by children. There are six key centers geared towards achieving this goal. 

The movement center offers use of fine motor and gross motor skills. Art & Sensory allows the use of creativity through different paints, materials and textures. Children may act out stories, read or be read to in the Language Center.

The Quiet Corner is offered to give a safe and settle take on things. Critical Thinking develops while completing puzzles, blocks or building material in the Blocks & Manipulatives Center.

Dramatic Play allows children to place themselves in various roles. This contains many stages of development such as language, physical, cognitive thinking and social-emotional behaviors.

Before preschool we have a target goal in which our toddlers successfully reach 7 out of the 10 developmental areas. The targeted  areas are  cognitive, physical, social-emotional, language, creative arts, logic and reasoning as well as approaches to learning.

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